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Sagrada Familia and the Olympic Beach

Hi all! I know it’s been a while. My site has been acting up, and all my pretty pictures have been disappearing from my site. Hopefully (fingers crossed), it’s been fixed now!

If you’re just joining this adventure now, catch up with my most recent trip (Yay Spain!) here and here (Sorry the pictures aren’t there!)!

After we finished our tour of Park Guell, we headed over towards La Sagrada Familia! This was something I desperately wanted to see in Barcelona! You hear about La Sagrada Familia all the time because it’s taken so long to be finished. Plus, my sister had seen it already and said it was a must-see in Barcelona!




This was another Gaudi designed building, so all the detailing is amazing! It was incredible to just look at it, and try and catch all the minute details that went into making the facade.






And, as amazing as the outside was…it was nothing compared to the inside!



It’s said that Gaudi designed the inside to look like a forest. I didn’t see it until I looked up.









The stained glass was probable some of the prettiest I had ever seen (And I have seen a lot of stained glass in my travels!)! It was incredible the way the colors would play off the white marble of the cathedral! I could have spent hours in there just watching the colors change!

After we finished admiring the inside, we headed out the other set of doors to enjoy the new facade, the more modern one.





It was much more contemporary, and less frilly, than the other facade. While I liked the other one (Yay frills), this side was still interesting to look at, and figure out the Bible story being told.


This is the what the finished design will look like. I’ll have to go back in ten years and see if it looks like this!

Once we finished at la Sagrada Familia, we headed down towards the Olympic Beach to grab some lunch and enjoy the beautiful weather!


We actually ate outside (Something that would never happen in January in PA where I’m from) and it was perfect!




We headed down to the beach, and put our hands in the water, since we weren’t willing to take our shoes off and put our feet in.




Once we finished on the beach, we had the evening to ourselves. We decided to hike over to the Picasso Museum! I was so excited to see more of Pablo Picasso’s work. When I was in Amsterdam, I saw the Van Gogh Museum, and figured it was only fitting to see the Picasso Museum while I was in Barcelona!

You can read about the Van Gogh Museum here!


You aren’t allowed to take pictures in the museum itself (I got yelled at trying to snap a pic in the lobby!) so I grabbed this pic of the sign as we left.

The museum was phenomenal! It was set up to explore his work chronologically; it was wonderful to see Picasso’s work evolve like that!

After the museum, we grabbed some dinner, and headed back to the hotel, where I drank quite a bit of sangria in the lobby!

Stay tuned for our last day in Barcelona, and see where we headed next!


Hi all!

So, my site has been experiencing some technical difficulties, if you hadn’t noticed. Majority of pictures hadn’t been showing up in my posts. It’s been the weirdest thing!

Luckily, I’ve got a friend who’s good at IT stuff, and we think we fixed it!

Stay tuned! Hopefully there will be pictures galore coming your way soon!