Last night in Dungarvan

Hi all. So, this is my last post about my time in Ireland! There will be more adventures to come so keep following along.

When we left off, we had spent our final day in Dungarvan walking around the town and taking pictures of our favorite places. It was the perfect way to spend the day. You can read about it here!

We went back to our townhouse, and we all tried to wrap up packing. I had soooo much stuff to try and get back to the states it was laughable trying to see me fit it all back into my bags.

Eventually, I got tired and headed up to my room to relax. I decided I needed one last picture of the view out my bedroom window!


The lovely faculty, staff, and “baby sitters” we had been spending the past few months with decided to throw us a going-away party at our favorite pub Merry’s.


So, we all got dressed up and headed over to the pub. It was a wonderful night. They had food and drinks for us. We all went around saying things we loved about our time in Dungravan, and how much we were going to miss each other. I think just about everyone was crying.


Those are Tom and Caramel Keith. They are our Irish “grandparents.” Tom did many tours with us and is a wealth of knowledge.



Those are Joe and Gerty. Gerty was our “Nanny McPhee.” They went with us to Galway and were always around if we needed something.

It really was the perfect way to say goodbye, with one last showing of Irish hospitality.

The girls and I decided to leave a little early since we still had stuff to pack, and we had quite a few things in the house that needed to be drank. We said a tearful goodbye and headed back.

We planned on leaving Dungarvan at 3 a.m. so we decided to just stay awake and sleep on the plane. This was accomplished by drinking all the remaining wine in the apartment. By the time 3 a.m. rolled around, we were all pretty far gone.

We were loaded onto the bus, and I slept a good portion of the drive to Dublin Airport. We got unloaded at the airport, went through security, with only one kid leaving his passport in Dungarvan, and boarded the plane to come home.


I had the window seat and slept basically the entire flight. We landed, had a layover, and got on another flight to Buffalo. We landed in Buffalo, gathered our things, and were officially home.

It’s hard to sum up how amazing this trip was. I occasionally went to class and learned things, but more importantly, I learned about myself. I learned to live on my own, to have roommates, to budget, to survive in different countries, and to appreciate different cultures. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I will never forget the people I met, or the places we went!


However, this is not the end of this girl’s traveling. Tomorrow, I set off for two weeks in Barcelona, Nice, and Rome! More pictures and posts to follow!

Stay tuned! And thanks for following along!


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