Sailing on Blackwater

Hi all! It’s finals week and things are, naturally, rather hectic around here. But I’m back! When I left off, we had just gotten back from our trip to London (It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back again!!!) We had a couple days to chill in Dungarvan, before it was announced that we were going to be going sailing on the Blackwater River!

Now, if you know me, or have been following this blog for a while, then you know I have this weird phobia about boats. Which is totally unwarranted since I can swim, but it’s there. I debated for a while about whether or not I wanted to go (It was a whole day on boats! Not my cup of tea at all!) But, I talked myself into it, by reminding myself that this was probably the only time was going to be allowed to ride in a power boat on the middle of the Blackwater River… so I went…

And actually had a really good time (The fear of boats is still there, but to a slightly small degree)!

The Blackwater River has actually been featured on this blog a few times before (You can read about those other times here and here!), and I still feel a really strong connection to the river. The Blackwater River is the river the Vikings used! I love this fact, since I’m a bit of a Vikings nerd (both the actual people and the show on the History Channel!).  I was actually rather excited to get out there on the river, and be like the Vikings!

So, we started out super early (as per usual) and arrived at the Villierstown Boating Club! The guys who run the boating club are amazing, and were very nice to my crazy ass!



The area around the Blackwater River is just stunning. It was amazing to ride/drive the actual sailboat first, just to have the chance to soak up all the natural beauty before hand.





So, they split us up into groups: some in the powerboats, some in canoes, and some in an actual sailboats! We got to sail around in a hundred year-old wood boat (whose name has escaped me). I felt just like a Viking!


So, they got us all fitted into life jackets, and all the groups went their separate ways. We had to wait a little while while they got our boat set up, so we passed the time taking selfies, because we are those Americans.


Before we left, they gave us all little lamented maps of the area. It pointed out some areas, and buildings, of interest on the river. It was really nice being able to put the name to a place or building we saw, and we all really appreciated the maps.

The nice thing about the Irish, especially these sailing guys, is that they really know their history. They probably could of told us everything on their own. It was like that everywhere we went. They just know their history, and to me that is so impressive.


So, our boat was finally ready, and we all (hesitantly on my part) climbed aboard.


I may have been freaking out a little. Glad to see it was documented. 





Our captain was a lovely chap named Eioghann. He really was wonderful, since he had to deal with my crazy for awhile. He taught us some of the basics of sailing, and then we just kind of cruised around Blackwater River.






It almost looks like I’m having fun in this picture!

Eventually, Eioghann felt comfortable enough to give us all the opportunity to steer the boat. The two other girls in my boat when first, and we didn’t die, so finally it was my turn. Turns out I like being in charge of the boat better than just riding in it!


Proof that I temporarily captained a boat!

Soon, out time on the sailboat was up, and our trusty captain lead us back to shore.




We got a quick pic with our trusty captain!


After everyone came ashore, they boating club put out a really nice lunch for us. We all settled in and ate our fill.





They also had a dog. His name was Bilbo Higgins, which I got a kick out of!


They got a quick group shot of everyone, all the classmates, sailing club guys, and their kids, and our “babysitters” before we all split up again. This time, we were going to try our luck on the power boat. But that’s a story for another day!

Stay tuned!