Cooking Class

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence! With Thanksgiving break and all, I just really wanted to spend some quality time with friends and family! But, I’m back now.

After we got back from London, classes resumed as normal. We spent some time enjoying the lovely weather in Dungarvan.


We also got to see a dance performance put on by some of the dance majors who were traveling with us on our studio abroad! They all did such an amazing job, and it was really nice to get to see all their hard-work over the course of the semester pay off!


An after-performance picture with our favorite ballerina, Sara!


Dungarvan Harbor by night!


And some of the best Indian food I’ve ever at had a great local place!

A couple of days later, we learned that he lovely faculty planned a very nice surprise for us: We got to attend a cooking class at the Tannery Cookery School in Dungarvan with the fantastic chef, Paul Flynn!


This was a really exciting opportunity for us! The Tannery is a very nice restaurant, one most of us couldn’t afford to eat out because we’re all poor college kids, so it was a really nice chance to get to go in and sample some of Chef Flynn’s food!


There’s the talented Chef Flynn!


For the first part of our lesson, he went over a really light and easy to make chowder. He’s whole philosophy on cooking is that is should be inexpensive, healthy, and yet still delicious. I think he really lived up to that philosophy with all the foods we got to try!


While the chowder was preparing, we got a quick lesson on beer from the local brewery in town, The Dungarvan Brewing Company!



I’m not much of a beer drinker, but it was still interesting to get to try all the different beers and learn what to detect in all their different flavors. There was a pale ale that I actually really liked, which was very surprising!



Check out that wicked side-eye. Not sure who, or what, I was looking at but it is now a documented photo.


There’s a much better picture of me! Also, featuring one of my professor’s, Mr. Mills, who we loving called Grandpa Art, and our very own Nanny McPhee, the lovely, and ultimately too stylish, Gerty Murphy!

After our beer lesson and tasting, Chef Flynn had finished the chowder, and prepared a lovely fresh garden salad for us. We all started eating the chowder and the salad, while he began work on a very healthy quiche.


The quiche is featured here! It was really very tasty!

He also whipped up some very excellent, and again healthy, chocolate fudge for us to eat as desert! We were given some time to wander around the school, where i noticed that he had some cook books available to buy, so I bought two and had him sign them! I gave one to my sister who is now living on her own, and can’t really cook yet, and kept one for me!


We all had a really great time meeting Chef Flynn and getting to eat his delicious creations! Stay tuned to hear all about our trip out sailing on the Black Water River!


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