London Day 4: Lambeth Palace, Tattoos, and Phantom of the Opera

You can read about the start of our fourth and final day in London here.

Where we left off, we had just had coffee at the the cutest (and most hipsterish) cafe ever, called 2 Love. We had some good coffee, and I had a really good smoothie. We were basically at a loss of what to do with the rest of our day. We decided to just keep hiking in the direction we were going and see if anything turned up that seemed interesting.

We eventually cross a few streets and end up in an area of London that we didn’t really know where we were. We decided to check the map, and saw that Lambeth Palace was very close to where we were standing. We didn’t know much about the palace, and had nothing else to do, so we decided to check it out.







Unfortunately for us, they weren’t doing tours of the inside that day. However, because it was such a perfect and lovely spring day, they were having a flower show in the gardens behind the palace. We paid a few pounds and decided to check it out.









Below, you will see an assortment of pictures that prove I can never take a serious picture (this seems to be a recurring trend, I know)! Enjoy!





Finally, a good one!




Alighting down the stairs, like the princess I am!







They had numerous tents and vendors all selling different types of flowers, plants, and shrubs. We just looked at all the vendors, but didn’t buy anything since we had no way of getting it back to Ireland. There were sooo many beautiful flowers there. They also had a tent set up with snacks and coffee and tea. Inside there was a kids area where you could make a bag.

Naturally, we three grown women sat down to make bags. They were actually really cool! You pounded real flowers onto the bags with hammers so the flowers natural pigment would dye the bag. It was a very unique idea, and the three of us had fun making them!

After we were done making our bags, we kept wandering the gardens. It was such a nice day, and the gardens were so pretty!







That was my travel buddy, Sara. I’m not just taking pictures of random people!










We finished in the gardens and headed off on out merry way. I would have loved a chance to go in and tour Lambeth Palace itself, but getting to explore the gardens, and on such a prefect day, was well worth it!

After we left Lambeth, we were a little stumped as to what to do next. So, we did what all people do on an afternoon when they have nothing else to do: we hit the pub!

We ended up exploring the Leicester Square area for a while. It’s a cool spot, very modern for London. It was full of shops, restaurants, movie theaters, your basic downtown area. We wandered a bit, debated about seeing a movie, then settled a pub for a drink or two.

We ended up at The Porcupine for a few drinks, before Heather, another travel buddy,  Heather, gets it into her mind that she wants to get a tattoo while we’re in London. My friend Kelsey and I both got one while we were in Dublin, which you can read about here, and Heather felt like she missed out.

She began searching for tattoo places and I graciously agreed to go with her. Somehow, still not sure, she convinced me to get one with her (I have never thought about anything less in my life, and now it’s permanently embedded in my skin).

We ended up at Tattoo 13 and got tattoos! Heather got some books on her ribs, and I got an unalome in my cleavage.


After we were done getting tattoos, we raced back to the hostel because it was time to go see Phantom of the Opera! Unfortunately, our tattoos took longer than we thought they were going to and we arrived at the theatre late. We were in Her Majesty’s Theatre and it was lovely. We were in the nose-bleed seats, but when the Phantom was lurking around the top, and when he dropped the chandelier, it happened right in front of us!


The dropped chandelier. I got yelled at by an usher for taking this picture, but it was totally worth it!

As we were walking back towards Trafalgar Square, we noticed a pretty fountain and stopped to take a few pictures!



If you look really close, you can see the bandage on my chest from my tattoo.

We got back to the hostel and packed up all our stuff. We were flying out bright and early. Sara and I went down to the bar inside the hostel really quick for one last drink, and then we all went to bed pretty early.

We got up early, checked out, got on the tube, then a train, then made it to the airport. I was a little afraid that they were going to pull me over because of the bandage on my chest, but I had no issues. We got on our flight and made it make to Dungarvan before dark.

I had the best time in London! It really is a phenomenal city! I can’t wait until I make it back. There is just soooo much to see and do that the few days we were there didn’t quite cut it.

Stay tuned to see what I get up to next!


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