London Day 4: Westminster Abbey and London Eye

You can read about our third day in London here and here.

Our fourth and last day in London began bright and early, as always. We decided we were going to start the day off at Westminster Abbey since we didn’t get the time to go in the last time we were up in that area.

I was really excited to see Westminster Abbey because there are sooo many cool people buried there: Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and so many more people that I’ve read and learned about. I was sooo excited to go and see their graves. My older sister had gone when she studied at Cambridge, and told me I absolutely had to go when I was in London.

We got a late start leaving the hostel, and got held up on the tube. It was fairly late in the day by the time we actually got over to Westminster Abbey. We debated about what we wanted to do, since there was a very long line. We thought about leaving someone in line while the rest went to find some breakfast, but we didn’t want to split up.

We decided that by the time we made it through the line we wouldn’t have enough time to see the Abbey well enough to make it worth it. We decided to skip it and find somewhere for everyone to get breakfast.

I was pretty upset that we didn’t make it into the Abbey, but you know, things happen. Now, I have a reason to go back to London again. We continued out hike and things were pretty packed, with areas being blocked off, as they were gearing up for the London Marathon.


Traditional phone booth photo!



We found a cute cafe, called Caffe Concerto in Whitehall, and popped in for a really good brunch. I loved the 20’s-ish decor. It was fun to actually have a “tea” which is so very British.


After brunch, we were quite sure what we wanted to do. We had planned on doing Westminster Abbey for most of the day. We started wandering around the area and spotted the London Eye in the distance.




We crossed a bridge and ended up in Southbank. There was a festival or something going on and the area was full of food and bounce houses. It was a fun atmosphere. There were a lot of street performers and we stopped to watch a few acts.



We hiked down Southbank, and debated about stopping in at the aquarium there, but it was pretty pricey. We saw Big Ben and Parliament and stopped for some photos.





We stopped at a cute little hispter coffee stand, 2 Love, and got delicious coffees. I got a really good smoothie!


We sat for a while, and enjoyed the views, before packing up and continuing our walk. We weren’t quite sure where we were headed. We decided to just wander and see where we ended up. We had no other plans for the day, besides tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera later in the evening, so our whole day was free.

Stay tuned to see what we did end up doing with the rest of our day!


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