London Day 2: The Globe Theatre and St. Paul’s Cathedral

You can read all about our first day of London, our exploration of the Jack the Ripper Museum, here.

Our next day in London began bright, early, and smoothly (the roommates from hell weren’t there yet). We had a crazy busy schedule that day, and being a bit of a slave-driver, I was going to keep us too it. We had tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studios Tour at 3, so the first part of our day was basically keeping busy until we could head over for our tour!

I was beyond excited to get to go to the Harry Potter Studios Tour, being the gigantic Harry Potter nerd that I am (and my sister went while she was studying at Cambridge and told me if I didn’t see it while I was in London I’d be really upset)! But, I’m getting a head of myself. I still need what we did that morning!

So, we left the hostel real early, and found the nearest Starbucks for breakfast. It was full of fancy British business men and women, and we felt really under dressed. We got our coffee and some breakfast foods and ate really fast.

Our first stop after breakfast was the Globe Theatre. I was soooo excited to see the Globe Theatre. I know it’s not the original, but it was still really exciting to get to see it. As an English major, I’m a huge Shakespeareย fan!

So, we set off for the Globe Theatre, and naturally, got horrendously lost. Luckily for us, some very nice construction men gave us the general direction it was in, and we were able to follow signs from there.



I about had a conniption when I saw it! I was giddy with excitement (told you I was a nerd!)!




That is the face of pure excitement! I don’t think the other two were as excited as I was, but I didn’t really care…





We looked into getting tickets to take a tour of the inside, but they were a little pricey and would have taken too long. So, we ducked into the gift-shop instead, where I spent far too much money on Shakespeare paraphernalia (I got a Globe Production of “Midsummer Night’s Dream on DVD so totally worth it! It’s phenomenal!)!

We then figured we should find somewhere to grab some lunch before we headed off to the Harry Potter Studios Tour!

But, to get us into the Harry Potter mood, we decided to go back across the Millennium Bridge. If you don’t know why this is a Harry Potter thing, it’s the bridge the Death Eaters break and knock into the river in the 6th movie!





So, after we successfully got over the bridge (no Death Eaters knocked it down while we were on it) we noticed that St. Paul’s Cathedral was right in front of us. We figured it was worth a look!


We hiked around to the front of the Cathedral, in search of the front door. It really was spectacular from the outside!









We decided to pop in and see about getting a tour. Unfortunately, it was pretty expensive and we decided to skip it. I did, however, get one picture of the inside, and it’s gorgeous, so I put it on the list for the next time I’m back in London!


See? Gorgeous!

Since we didn’t go on the tour in the Cathedral, we decided to explore the area around the Cathedral looking for a good place for lunch. We ended up inย Paternoster Square, where we found another Starbucks and decided that was good enough.



That’s the Paternoster Square Column. It was really cool to see a historically looking monument in this really business-y area.ย 

I suppose that’s enough for today! I have soooo many pictures from the Harry Potter Studios Tour that I think it deserves it’s own post. Stay tuned!