Peek’n Peak Weekend

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence; it was a busy weekend! I was on break from school, so I got to spend some time at home with the family!

There was a craft fair happening at Peek’n Peak , a local resort near my home. We all packed into the car (and by all I mean all. It was my lil sister, me, my mom, my aunt, and my grandma all packed into a tiny little car) and set off.

Now, my mom figured she knew how to get there (and since I get my sense of direction from her apparently), we got lost! I eventually pulled out the GPS on my phone, and we were only a half hour in the wrong direction.

We did eventually find our way there, and dove right in!


We hiked through some of the stands near the doors, before being lured inside by the smell of food. Inside they had food vendors, where I bought limoncello pizzelles! They are delicious! They also had a little wine tasting stand, where we sampled some peach wine. We moved outside where we tried a pomegranate wine slushies!


While we were sampling our wine slushies, we heard a really loud horn, followed by an even louder bang! They had a pumpkin cannon, and a target set up on one of the ski hills, and were launching pumpkins at the target!


We wandered through some more stands, which were full of interesting artisan crafts, before my sister Emily and I decided to duck away and go to the petting zoo!




This little mini donkey really loved Emily! He would follow her around, and kept trying to eat her jeans, which we all took as a sign of love!




There was the cutest little mini pony for sale! Emily really wanted to buy her, and she was the sweetest little thing, but I also didn’t have $700 dollars on hand to spend on a pony.


There was also a pot-belly pig for sale, named Cinderella, but again, I didn’t have a whole lot of extra dollars to spend on pet pigs!

After we played with Cinderella for a while, we ducked into one of the tents, only to find that it was full of bunnies! They had bunnies in pens, and bunnies in baskets! There were literally bunnies everywhere! Now, if you remember Emily has a bunny at home already, named Lola, so she loved this tent so much!




They were all so cute and little! We stayed in this tent for a really long time, before deciding to leave the bunnies alone to explore the rest of the petting zoo area.


The next pen was filled with goats that you were able to buy food for and feed! We didn’t buy any food, but they seemed to gravitate towards us anyway (probably thinking we had food for them)!




There was a baby goat that just loved Emily! I think she was formulating plans to kidnap him with no one (including our mom) noticing!


We then moved over to pet the llamas! These guys were a little boring since they just kind of sat/ stood there.



Emily decided this one’s name was Kuzco! I just went with it.



We played with a baby cow for a while, before going back into the bunny to tent to play with the bunnies again.

While we were back in there, I met my spirit animal, a bunny that I have lovingly named Tad Cooper (after the character from the TV show Galavant)!


He just sat on my lap for the longest time! He really liked me!




I’m still in the works of adopting him (Please, mom!), so we’ll see if he gets to be my bunny. The biggest problem is that Lola is a girl bunny and Tad Cooper is a boy bunny…

Anyway, we left the bunnies, and went back out into the fair, after meeting up with the rest of our group!




We headed inside, to check out the vendors in the main floor of the lodge.



There were a lot of cool vendors inside. But they were all kind of expensive since inside is prime real estate. We headed back outside to be met by…


a horse-drawn carriage! Emily and I jumped right in line for a ride, but we didn’t make it on that trip, and decided we would just bag it.


We explored some more vendors, before calling it a day!



It was really fun to get to see some family, and to get to do some fall activities!

Stay tuned for my trip to Galway!



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