We attend a WWI ceremony

Read all about my last day in Edinburgh here and here! Since getting back to Ireland, it was school as usual. Unfortunately!

It was much more fun to head down to the pub for the night, then it is to wake up for class in the morning. But, I’m getting off topic!

The day after we got back from Edinburgh, we were asked to attend a special ceremony in town. In down town Dungarvan, they have a wall erected with all the names of the people who fought for Ireland (Britain) in World War I. Mostly, the wall focuses on those who were from the Waterford area of Ireland, since that’s were Dungarvan is.


For this ceremony, they were adding a name to the wall that wasn’t on there before. Since the British and the Irish have such a sordid past, not many Irish people admit to fighting in WWI, since they had to fight for the British. Many people in Ireland today still  claim that they didn’t have relatives who fought in the war even though they are in records as having fought.

While we attended the ceremony, we were lucky enough to be joined by one of the officials from the Irish government who was originally from the Waterford area.


With him, he brought some really cool artifacts that his grandfather had collected during WWI. One of the really cool things he brought (he would come to our class later in the day and do a presentation for us) was an actual propeller off of a plane from WWI! It was really cool to see it and get to hear about the Irish involvement in WWI.

Before the ceremony started, we got a little lesson on the different types of marble used in the wall, and the different types of marble used for tombstones, and such, in Ireland.


Please excuse how tired I look. I had been back in Ireland for only a few hours and hadn’t really recovered from our weekend in Edinburgh yet. 


You can kind of see the propeller sticking out of his backpack! It was such a cool artifact to get to see!


As it turns out, there is a lot to marble. There was a lot I didn’t know, and it was nice to see someone who was really passionate about it. I can’t recollect the exact marble that they built the wall out of but I do remember it was imported from somewhere exotic!


After we learned all about the marble selection of the wall, we got to get a little history lesson on some of the men and women who fought in WWI from the area.


After our brief history lesson, we got a little lesson on how they would add the name, then we were all asked to take a step back and they got to work adding in the name.




After they were finished putting in the name, they showed us the proper clean-up technique, since there was a lot of dust on the ground in front of the wall.



Be sure to enjoy our Irish “grandpa” Tom Keith on the end! Some of the photos in this post are his that I’ve borrowed. 

We then got a few group shots for posterity and were able to call it a day! It was actually very sweet of the people of Dungarvan to let us be there, and take part in, this ceremony. I learned so much about Irish history, and Irish involvement in WWI. It was really shocking to learn some of the more grim details, but I suppose that’s history, for ya!

We left the ceremony all full of WWI history, and returned to class for a few more hours. Once class was over, and we were walking back to the townhouse, we realized that there were seals in the bay!


You can see them sitting on the surfboard in the middle! Now, we knew that there was one seal that liked to chill in the bay (His name is Sammy, the Seal) but we had never seen two before! It was really exciting that Sammy had a girlfriend! And, yes, the people of Dungarvan put a surfboard out there for him to sit on when he comes to visit!


Our pretty bay!

So, I guess that’s all from me today! Stay tuned to hear all about my trip to Galway!



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