Hello, world! This blog is being brought back to life! I know you’re all thrilled to be hearing my dulcet tones once again, and look forward to hearing more about my adventures!

For those of you just joining this adventure, you can start over reading about the start of my travels here! For those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning, welcome back!

The reason this blog is getting a face-lift is two-fold. 1) I slacked epically in finishing it before I left Ireland and came back to the States, and 2) I’m taking a Social Media class at school and part of the class is working on a blog. Luckily for me, I was allowed to bring this blog back to life and finish telling you all about my world-wide trip!

A quick catch-up of my life since I got home. I survived getting home, sat around on the couch for three months, then started my Senior year of college. I traveled some over the summer (which will be blogged about later) and had a great time getting to do nothing and recovering from all my traveling.

So, I’ll do a quick little catch-up for those who have been following along since the start. In the spring semester of my Junior year of college, I was given the opportunity to travel to Ireland and spend three months traveling and learning in the Emerald Isle!

This in of itself was an amazing experience. I met so many wonderful people and been to so many incredible places! There are some places that actually hurt my chest when I think about them because I miss them so much!

Let’s do a little run-down of all the places I’ve been and some of the cool things I’ve done:


This was my first day exploring the town that I would soon come to call home, Dungarvan! To read about my first day exploring, click here and here!



We explored Dublin for quite a few days! I got a tattoo while we were there, learned how to properly pour a Guinness, got involved in a rally, and saw the Joyce Tower!


We spent some time exploring Blarney Castle, and I was brave enough to kiss the Blarney Stone while we were there. I was only slightly worried I was going to die!


We got quite rowdy on Saint Patrick’s Day! We even got to lead the parade through town!


We explored the cities of Lismore, Ardmore, and Youghal! They were beautiful despite the freezing rain and torrential winds!


My lovely roommates and I explored Amsterdam! We saw the Anne Frank House, and I conquered my fears and took a ferry ride up the canals!


I was lucky enough to have my big sis come visit me while I was in Ireland! We explored the Viking Museum!


My roommate Naomi and I took a tour of the UCC campus as a prospective grad school. We both loved it! Maybe that’s where I’l be headed next fall?!?


We got to go on a horse-back tour of the area, and I learned to ride European style. My knees and inner thighs were killin’ when we got done but now I can say I rode on a horse on the beach in Ireland!

So, that about catches us up to where I left off! I’m so glad to be working on this blog again, and getting to show you the rest of my crazy adventure!

Stay tuned! There will be more this time, I promise!


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