I learn European Style

Hiya! I’ve been slacking terribly with this blog, but it has been a hell of a few weeks! With classes winding down next week, and leaving in two weeks from today (silent sobbing), I’ve been super busy getting my stuff organized.

Edinburgh was wonderful! Hopefully there will be pictures for you all to enjoy soon…

Anyway, today I had the opportunity to go horseback riding! It was sooooo fun! I haven’t gone riding in years so it was interesting to be back on a horse. I think I’ve only gone twice before this so I’m a totally newbie!

But, to make matters more interesting, they only ride European Style here! For those who are not equestrian masters (like I am now, clearly) a Western saddle has the pommel and back brace so you are very secure in your saddle and on the horse. European saddles are basically a bike seat on top of a horse! You really have to grip with your thighs to stay on the horse! And the reins and stirrups are different, so it was a whole new experience for all of us!

And for the record, I never fell off the horse! So I count today as a success!


We rode at the Monatrea Equestrian Center and they were wonderful!




I’m all fitted in my riding gear, and clearly loving the heavy helmet! 


There were two adorable dogs that were running around the farm: Murphy and Teal! They also followed us the whole riding trip!

FullSizeRender (18)

All geared up and ready to go!


This was my horse, Bing! Like Chandler Bing! He was a little bit chunky and kept trying to stop and eat as we went on our trek! But he was wonderfully docile which was perfect for me!



The area we rode in was stunning! We had the most perfect weather ever! We got very lucky since Irish weather is temperamental!



And we got to ride on the beach! I had never gone beach riding before so it was awesome!







The four of us who rode today upon getting all four of us successfully (aka without anyone falling off and hurting themselves) back to the farm!


Me and Bing!

Today was wonderful! And now I can say I rode horses in Ireland! How cool, right?!?

So, I’m signing off for the night. I have to finish packing! We leave for London for the weekend at 7:30 am tomorrow morning! Someone should probably warn Prince Harry I’ll be in the area…!


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