Meet Lola

Hi all! I’m still alive (for those of you who were worried!) And Paris was amazing (for those of you who were wondering). I’ll have a post on that coming soon, but I have a lot of catching up to do before that. (You still haven’t seen pictures from Amsterdam, I know, because I am a huge procrastinator! But, I’m working on it!)

So, I figured I would fill you all in on how I spent my Easter weekend, and let you know what I’m doing this weekend.

Easter is a really big holiday here, with the kids getting multiple weeks off from school, so it only seemed naturally that we would also get lots of time off (Yay, only three days of school this week!). So, we got back from Paris on Friday evening (and apparently they found someone with a bomb in the Paris airport after we left so we got real lucky!!!). We were all in bed by like 8 p.m. Friday night since we were all exhausted from the week in Paris and traveling back to Ireland. Saturday we also spent laying around in re-cooperation mode.

Easter Sunday rose cold and rainy but we all made it to Mass anyway. I’m not Catholic but I figured I should still got to church, and it was interesting to see how Catholic Mass works since I’m not familiar with it. It’s very similar to my usual Lutheran Church, except I obvious can’t take communion at a Catholic church.


We went back to my favorite St. Mary’s Cathedral for Mass!

After Mass, we went out for lunch. I tried lamb for the first time! I had never tried it before, so I figured I might as well, and it seemed Easter-y. It was actually really good!


After lunch, the weather had cleared a bit so we took the long way home to enjoy the nice weather and appreciate being in Ireland!




We even got an Easter rainbow!

We went home, and later that night we got all dolled up and went out. Apparently, Easter is a holiday where you go out and drink here in Ireland, and since we all want to fit in with the community it was only fitting that we go out and celebrate Easter at the pub as well!

The next morning, we heard that if we wanted to we could attend a musical at the local theater. So, I naturally really wanted to go since I love musicals. They performed “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”


This was a musical I had never seen before so I was really excited to go and see it. It was equal parts funny and sad, and the cast did amazing. (I actually met the actress who played the main character later at the pub! It was like meeting a celebrity!)

The cast did a really good job. They had some really talented people, and they did a decent job with the Texan accents!





After the show, and after I got back from the pub, I heard we had a new member join our family!


Meet Lola, the bunny!

My lil sis got a bunny for Easter, named Lola! Apparently, she is a free-range, attack house bunny! Who knew such things existed?!?

Lil sis calls her the cutest three-pound loaf of bread! I think Emily loves Lola more than anything else. I texted her yesterday (since she’s on Easter break still) and asked what she did with her day and she said she played with Lola all day.

And now Lola has a harness and leash to go on walks, and a cat bed for naps! I think she just may be the most spoiled bunny ever!




I called the family to FaceTime the other day, and got to watch Lola eat hay for like ten minutes. She’s most definitely very loved!

Anyway, that’s what I did with my Easter weekend. I’ll be working on getting my posts from Amsterdam (oops!) and Paris up as soon as possible! This weekend were headed to Lismore, Youghal, and Ardmore! It will be a weekend filled with castles, churches, and cemeteries. Wish me luck!


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