I’m a (self-proclaimed) duchess

So, on Thursday, our favorite Heidi Hosey comes into class and gestures for Naomi and I to follow her out of the room. Of course, I immediately start thinking of things we could have possibly done wrong.

Luckily, she just wanted to know if Nay and I wanted to go to Ormund Castle with her, and of course we did, since I love castles!

Ormund Castle was the home of Anne Boleyn’s father, so I was soooo excited to see it! But, before we went to the adorable town of Carrick-on-Suir where the castle is, Dr. Hosey took us to the “best view in Dungarvan.”



To get to Carrick-on-Suir, you have to drive down this long winding road that’s on the side of a cliff. The drive down was terrifying, but the view was pretty impressive.


So, we drove through the cute little town and found Ormund Castle. We parked, and walked up to the front gate… to see the whole front of the castle is covered in scaffolding! It was closed for renovations.


I snuck a picture through another gate. I tried to cut the scaffolding out. This part of the castle is the old original foundation before the Boleyns built in front of it.



Here you can see the Boleyn part of the castle in the front, and all the construction.


Since we were in Carrick-on-Suir, we decided to explore the town a little. It was very cute and quaint.





I think Dr. Hosey felt bad we couldn’t get in to see the castle, so she offered to take us to a little town by the sea (whose name escapes me) or to Lismore to see Lismore Castle. I, of course, picked going to see the castle since I’m actually a princess.


So, we arrived in the town of Lismore (the winner of the Tidy Towns award. You’re welcome for that bit of knowledge!) And Dr. Hosey took us for a tea. It was like a real tea too. It had the little teapot and plates and cups. We tried Bailey’s cake which was delicious and the little teacakes they brought out as well. After tea, we walked to the Lismore Heritage Center, where we learned all about the history of Lismore from our friend Brother Declan (looong story. But basically, Brother Declan is the “man” who narrates the film they show at the Heritage Center. The video was made in like the 70’s and was hilarious!)

Basically, the land goes back to 636 AD when monks established the area. They were continually attacked by Vikings, and then the English. The land was eventually given to Sir Walter Raleigh by Queen Elizabeth, who sold it to the Dukes of Devonshire for 1,500 Euros. It was 42,000 acres so it was a steal! The Dukes English-ized the area and built Lismore Castle. The original burned down, so the one standing today is a rebuild.



Some of the castle grounds. They’re extensive! So this section was turned into a park that the average person could use.




She’s a pain in the hiney!


After our detour through the park, you had to hike along the side of the road to this bridge to be able to see the castle.

Now, this is because the Dukes of Devonshire still use the castle!!! And I hear they have a grandson near my age so I’m making it my goal to meet (and marry him) before I come home. So bow down to the next Duchess of Devonshire, peasants!


That little tunnel is a path down to the Black Water, the river around Lismore. The Vikings used it to attack the area, and I wanted to go down there and explore but it was so flooded!


And back in the distance is St. Carthagh’s Cathedral, established by Brother Declan’s order of monks back in 636 AD.

And now the important stuff: my future home, Lismore Castle!




This tower is part of the original castle!


Can’t you see me living there?!?




The castle grounds





The wonderful Dr. Hosey risked life and limb to get this photo for us by running into the middle of the street to get the whole castle into the picture! That’s why we love her!

After Lismore we headed back to Dungarvan, and had a quiet night in the townhouse. Last night, we went to our favorite Merry’s then over to Anchor Bar. I behaved myself (after getting free shots from the bartender!)!

Early night tonight. Gotta catch an 8am bus to Blarney Castle, then over to Cobh (pronounced Cove) to see the Titanic Museum!



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