Dublin Part 1: I got tatted

So, I’m finally getting around to posting about our trip to Dublin! Let me just say that I really loved Dublin! Little more metropolitan than Dungarvan, but I am still happy to be back! There is just soooo much to do in Dublin! Only having three days to explore the entire city was not enough time. We only got to about half the things we wanted to do, but the things we did get to were incredible! So, sit back, relax and enjoy this three part special on my time in Dublin!

So, the night before we left was our Mama Cat’s 21st birthday! She was sensible and behaved herself (as a mama cat should!), but the rest of us, not so much. Getting up to catch the 8am bus the next morning sucked so much! But, it made us behave in Dublin, so you know, I guess it all worked out. It’s about a three hour bus ride from Dungarvan to Dublin, and I can honestly say I slept the entire way there! I guess I missed seeing a lot of cute sheep (I’m sure I’ll see more so I wasn’t particularly devastated!)! So, we get into Dublin and our driver John, the same driver as before, serenaded us as he drove us around the city! He sang the song “Molly Malone” a lot, and I’ll circle back to it since it now has some significance to me. We get to out hostel and drop all our luggage off since we couldn’t check-in yet.

Now, this was my first time staying in a hostel, and I have to say it was surprisingly nice! We stayed at the Times Hostel, which is like a 5 minute walk to Grafton Street and Trinity College (where I think I’m going to grad school now! Sorry, mom!). Now, this particular hostel spans across like four different buildings, so to get to the room I was staying in you had to go in the side door, up two flights of stairs, down a hallway, up two more, down another hallway, down two flights and then there was this little bitty landing where our door was. Now, these were not normal people stairs! These were crooked and really steep, and they went around a lot of corners so they were weird half stairs at times! And they painted them black so it was so dark in the stairwells! It looked like something from a horror movie! I kept expecting Freddie Kruger to pop out! Luckily he didn’t. And our room was really nice with it’s own bathroom and all.

Anyway, after we dropped off our bags, the one and only Heidi Hosey took us for a brisk tour of the city. And I say brisk because the lady walks really fast! I’m long-legged. I like to think I can keep up with anyone, but she was too speedy even for me! So, she showed us around, let us get out bearings, learn where the hostel was, all that good stuff.


The doors of Trinity College!


Grafton Street!



We did find a Disney store!


and I got a picture with Belle!



Grafton Street reminded me a little of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter!




We also got some of the best gelato ever!


The entrance to St. Stephen’s Green!


The inside of the St. Stephen Shopping Center!



This is apparently the greatest pub in Dublin! We did go here for drinks one night, but that is a story for a different post!

Then, we got taken over to see Dublin Castle! Getting to tour one of the castles was one of things we wanted to get to but just didn’t have time for. In the castle itself, you can see 5 different styles of building just on the outside! When you take the tour, they show you the original Viking foundation, which would have been awesome! So, here’s a look at the outside, anyway!





Then we were taken to see the statue of Molly Malone (see, I told you she’d be back!). Now, Molly is known as the Keeper of the Cups. The Cups being her rather large breasts. Below, Dr. Hosey poses with our lovely friend Molly and her Cups.




After Molly, we hiked over to Christ Church Cathedral, which is stunning! Now, again, we didn’t get to take the tour to go inside, but we got to walk around outside and admire how stunning the outside is!






After the Cathedral, we hiked back over to Trinity College for what was ultimately my favorite thing: The Long Hall Library and Book of Kells! But, on our way, we saw the bank where the rebels of the 1916 Easter Rising held out against the British! We are here for the 100 anniversary, so it was a very auspicious moment. Now, the Long Hall smelled like old musty books, and it was beautiful with all these marble busts of authors! It was the motherland! Now, The Book of Kells is so beautiful! But, you aren’t allowed to take pictures in there so you’ll just have to take my word for it!


You can still see the bullet marks on the front of the bank from the 1916 Rising!


Trinity College campus




The Long Hall!







After Trinity, we were allowed to check into our rooms (re-paste that rant about getting to our room here). After that, Mama Cat Kelsey and I went and got tattooed while Naomi and Heather went for coffee. Kelsey got a beautiful mandala on her shoulder (I can get one of those too right, mom? I won’t be disowned for coming home with a fifth tattoo?). I got a little four leaf clover on my back as a little remembrance of the time I’m spending here.


After our tattoos, we met up with Naomi and Heather, and got Papa John’s pizza for dinner (How American of us, I know. Nothing else was open at like 8:30 at night!), and Naomi got hit on by a really old guy. We know joke that he’s her boyfriend!

More to come on my trip to Dublin! We may or may not have been involved in a protest… I guess you’ll just have to read on to see!


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