Ah, that fishy smell

Well, the past few days have been sooooo rainy and cold. We really got to bond as a house since we were all stuck inside. We watched some Netflix and chilled (but not like that) around the house.


I wasn’t enjoying the cold and rainy weather…


but apparently Naomi was (she’s a weird kid). 


But the bay was still gorgeous, even in the cold!




Even the Duke of Devonshire Bridge was pretty in the rain. I think that’s just one of the characteristics of Ireland. Everything is always pretty regardless of the weather. 




Here is my super cool new phone. As one of the student ambassadors, the townspeople need to be able to get in touch with me, so I was gifted this stunning piece of technology for the duration of our trip.


This is also the first injury of the trip. My shoes gave me some killer blisters (surprise, surprise). 


This is my Park Club sandwich…


and cheesecake.

We had a rude wake up call yesterday when one of the boys on our trip decided to drunkenly barge in at 7 am. Now, I don’t like waking up period, so this really pissed me off. Luckily, he was only a little bit of a prick about it. But, whatever, forgive and forget, right?

The weather let us get outside for a little bit, so we explored “downtown” Dungarvan.




Meade’s Cafe is my new favorite place to go. It’s so quaint and the food was delicious! 


I tried the teriyaki wrap!


And had a pork and apple chutney paganini 


and strawberry mousse! 


And I got to Skype with literally the whole family: my parents and younger sister in Erie, where they also FaceTimed my older sister in D.C. and held the phone up to the computer. Gotta love technology!

And, today, is our beloved Mama Cat, a.k.a., my roomie Kelsey’s 21st birthday! And she/we have been promised free drinks just about everywhere! But, to commemorate this special day, we got her a pastry and put a candle in it and sang to her, which she loved. We also have a light-up princess crown, 21st birthday shot necklace, and 21st birthday sash for her when we go out tonight. Yes, we will be those tacky Americans but it’s going to be a damn good time!


She was really surprised by our slightly tacky birthday cake! But, I think she was really touched!

Today, we planned our trip to Dublin. We set off on a 3-hour long bus ride at 8 am. Hopefully we aren’t too hung-over…

So, since today was the first nice day in a really long time, we trekked across the bridge out of Dungarvan and into Abbeyside. We explored the church and the beach before hiking back home. The weather today was gorgeous! (How’s the snow again? Heehee!) It was incredible to be down on the beach and play in the sand. We all collected seashells, and breathed in the fishy smell of the ocean. It was so nice being outside after being cooped up for days.


Abbeyside is right on the beach! And has the most stunning old church (which I think will have to be a separate post).


Naomi and I with the one and only Heidi Hosey, the professor who is leading our study abroad. 





And my home sweet home: the Park Hotel.

I think that’s enough photo overload for right now. I’ll upload the photos from Abbeyside later, since I took so many!

I’ll be posting again on Monday probably since we are spending the weekend in Dublin. We’ll see how many of my roomies I convince to get tattoos with me…




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